Alright, so you’re here. That means you have even the slightest modicum of interest in me or my work, and I can most certainly work with that.

My name is Joshua Klinger, I live in Buffalo, NY and currently attend classes at Buffalo State in the field of Communication Design. Despite being in my final year or so here, I’m still trying to figure out which direction to start running when I get out the door. I’ve learned a lot about my own tastes, interests, and skills during my time here, which only exacerbates the state of indecision I find myself in.

In addition working on my bachelors, I have already obtained an associates degree in Communication Arts from ECC, during which time I spent learning the ins-and-outs of verbal communications, as well as introductory level classes in media such as Television and Film.

I have worked with a wide assortment of design programs, such as but not limited to, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Cinema 4D (albeit briefly), Premiere, Final Cut, and After Effects.

I hope this short bio has been satisfactory, but if you have any further questions or wish to see my resume, feel free to drop me a message using the form on the contact page.