2018 Logo for the Buffalo State College Runway event

In the Spring Semester of 2018, the stars aligned and I was offered the opportunity to create the overall branding package for that season's Buffalo State Runway show. What followed was two months of hard work, conceptualizing and bringing this branding package to fruition in between all of my classwork.


Ultimately, the solution I came to was to depict the theme of the event, Interconnect, by separating the color channels within elements I was creating. I thought this was a suitable solution for the idea of Interconnecting, as when all pieces are returned to center, they provide the image in full color.

In addition to the branding, and overall style for the event, I was asked to do the opening graphic to be projected on the stage, and its three separate screens. Following the theme of Interconnect, I decided to run a 3D smoke simulation, which would involve two separate pillars of smoke interconnecting on center screen to reveal the event logo. The process of making this animation involved creating a render-farm on campus, running the simulation at one point on approximately 65 computers, all routed and creating frames to the same main computer.