The quick version? I am a Graphic Designer from Buffalo, NY.

The slightly longer version? I am a graphic designer with a passion for film and movies. I obtained my associates of science in media and communications and took it beyond that to obtain my second degree, a BFA in Graphic Design.

From childhood I have had a background in photo manipulation and video production, messing around with photoshop and making movies in my backyard.

Messing around with this pirated copy of the adobe creative suite my mother was given when I was about nine eventually blossomed into a passion.

As I grew older, I taught myself the programs and how to find creative solutions, and because of this, I tend to be quick to pick up new software or methods of creation.

I have always found these creative endeavors like graphic design, video production, and motion graphics to be interesting and enjoyable, and want to make a future for myself doing so.