ANOMALY is a collection of vintage photographs which have been digitally repaired and then altered through 3D compositing. Through this combination, each image in the collection gains a connection to the others creating an unspoken narrative.

Repair and Subvert

Every image in this collection started out in some level of disrepair, be it cracks formed from time, or stuck and separated by the glass of it’s own frame. Before I could even start to conceptualize how I would incorporate the anomaly into each image, I first had to go through the process of restoring them to a suitable condition.

After the images were restored or close to it, I had to composite and render the anomaly into the scene. Using Blender, I modeled what I considered to be an ominous presence, and superimposed the anomaly over each image. Adjusting for lighting and camera.

After positioning and rendering out the 3D models, then came the task of properly compoisiting them into the image. As each photo was from a different time there was no standard for making it work, so each composite had to receive it’s own treatment.

A man on a rearing horse, with the anomaly in the sky behind him.


Five individuals sit in an automobile, as the first wave of anomalies descend to Earth.


Vintage photo restoration; Three individuals holding guns as they stare at a floating orb.


A family poses for a portrait in front of a barn, a cracked orb on the ground beside them, unaware of a group of orbs floating towards them from behind.


The anomaly looms over the United States Capitol Building.


A family poses with the anomaly in view on a beachside rock.


A man golfs, while the anomaly is floating in the distant sky.


A closer view of the anomaly, from the window of an aircraft.


Two men in scuba gear, one kneels on the ice, the other in the frigid water. An orb floats behind them, as the second man retrieves another orb from the icy depths.


A couple stands in front of italian architecture, a pigeon in the womans hand, a levitating orb in the mans.


Two german women stand in front a church, with the anomaly looming overhead.


A man on a rearing horse, with the anomaly in the sky behind him.