Graphic Design

Event Rebranding


The Roadkill Grill n’ Jamboree rebranding project aims to transform the perception of the West Virginia Road Kill Cook Off and autumn harvest festival into a more appealing and inviting event for a wider audience. By re-imagining the festival’s branding and messaging, the goal is to attract tourists and visitors to the small town where it is hosted, enhancing economic opportunities and community engagement.

The logo for the Road Kill Grill 'N Jamboree


Repositioning the Event: Shift the perception of the event from one associated with unconventional cuisine to a lively and vibrant autumn celebration centered around unique culinary experiences.

Appeal to a Wider Audience: Develop branding and messaging that resonates with a broader demographic, including families, food enthusiasts, and tourists seeking unique cultural experiences.

Enhancing Tourism: Increase visitor numbers to the host town by promoting Roadkill Grill n’ Jamboree as a must-visit destination during the autumn season, contributing to local businesses and community development.

Key Strategies:

Name and Branding: Introduce the new name “Roadkill Grill n’ Jamboree” to convey a sense of excitement, community, and culinary adventure while retaining a nod to the event’s heritage.

Messaging: Craft messaging that emphasizes the festival’s unique atmosphere, while trying to reduce that little bit of stomach churn that the concept might induce, as well as more transparency in the sourcing of meats used within the festival.

Marketing and Promotion: Implement targeted marketing campaigns across various channels, including social media, tourism websites, and traditional advertising to raise awareness and generate interest in the rebranded event.

Building an Online Presence

In today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is essential for any event to reach its target audience effectively.

Unfortunately, the festival as it exists in it’s current state doesn’t have this ever so critical element to brand awareness.

The Roadkill Grill n’ Jamboree would need to recognize the importance of embracing digital platforms to amplify its message and engage with potential attendees. With the introduction of a dedicated website, social media profiles, and digital marketing campaigns, the event aims to showcase its unique offerings and connect with enthusiasts and adventurous travelers from across the globe.

The main page of the rebranded Road Kill Grill N' Jamboree. It prominently displays different meats on a grill. The header for the page content reads "Uh, What?" and explains the event.


Complementing its online presence, the Roadkill Grill n’ Jamboree leverages branded merchandise to enhance brand visibility and foster community engagement. From quirky apparel to novelty items, each piece serves as a tangible reminder of the festival’s unique experience, turning attendees into walking ambassadors. Through strategic merchandising, the event extends its reach, attracting new visitors yearly and solidifying its position as a must-visit destination for the wild and weird.

A set of two t-shirts, one black and one white, bearing the logo for the Road Kill Grill and Jamboree.
A bandana bearing the logo for the Road Kill Grill and Jamboree.


Harnessing the power of simplicity, the Roadkill Grill n’ Jamboree employs minimalist advertisements aimed to pique curiosity.

Using just the logo and website, these ads invite viewers to explore further of their own cognition, sparking intrigue and prompting them to discover the vibrant world of the event. By leaving space for imagination and curiosity, these minimalist ads serve as effective teasers, enticing potential attendees to uncover the excitement that awaits at the Roadkill Grill n’ Jamboree.

A billboard displaying nothing more than the opossum logo icon, and the web location.


In the wake of its rebranding, the Roadkill Grill n’ Jamboree emerges as a shining example of evolution and reinvention in the world of culinary festivals. What was once perceived as unconventional and uninviting cuisine now blossoms into a vibrant celebration of culinary innovation.

This metamorphosis transcends mere branding; it signifies a profound shift in perception and experience, inviting attendees to embrace the weird and unexpected, and to possibly find themselves looking forward to their return next year.