An assortment of design projects I've done recently.


Mock advertising work from my time at buffalo state.


This project was a comprehensive rebrand of the West Virginia Roadkill Cook-off, renamed to the Road Kill Grill 'N Jamboree. The event itself is the Marlinton, West Virginia autumn harvest festival, but their main event has always been the Road Kill Cook-off. Their branding was a little outdated, so I made it my goal to bring the event into the contemporary, and create something that despite the content, had an opportunity to garner a larger audience.

In redesigning the logo, my main goals were to maintain the rustic, West-Virginian feel to the event itself all while creating an image that portrayed the idea of cooking and serving roadkill in the least grotesque way possible.

Initially, I toyed around with many different ideas for the logo. I created 40 icon variants and after deep considerations, I ultimately chose the above. I believe that, despite being a depiction of a dead opossum, the image has a certain elegance.

After finalizing the logo and icon, I moved onto the creating a web presence for the event. I believe that if I were really rebranding this event, this would have been one of my top priorities. Their current web presence consists only of a facebook page, and a website buried within the website for West Virginias government, which I can only imagine reduces the number of out-of-state festival visitors they bring in yearly.

Following web development, I moved onto some merch and advertising concepts. For merch, I thought the best approach would be to focus exclusively on the logo. By displaying only the logo on the merch without the event name it allows for the building of brand recognition through word of mouth, via those wearing it, to those interested in the piece. In a similar vein, I thought keeping the advertisement simple would be an opportunity to build brand recognition. By keeping the text in advertising to a minimum, I felt that sense of curiosity that follows would be a major driving force to reaching more people.